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Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters

Eye floater is a symptom rather than a disease. The patient sees tiny spots, specks, lines or shapes floating in front the eye. These objects may move with the vision or float independently.





Common causes:

1. Fibrosis and degeneration of the vitreous that occur with aging and myopia, which forms floating impurities caught in the path of vision.
2. Eye floaters can be a signal of retinal tear or detachment, in which the patient suddenly sees flashes of light or deformed objects, followed by floaters, a medical emergency requiring immediate treatment by an ophthalmologist.
3. Vitreous hemorrhage, commonly seen in patients with diabetes or eye trauma.
4. Intraocular inflammation such as iritis.



The condition of eye floaters does not disappear by itself. At present, no drugs or surgeries are able to cure it. Most cases of eye floaters are caused by the degeneration of the vitreous.
But if eye floaters suddenly appear, their occurrence increases, or the patient sees flashes of light or even experiences blurred vision, immediate examination by an ophthalmologist is needed. If retinal detachment or vitreous hemorrhage is diagnosed, laser treatment or even surgical removal of all or part of the vitreous is required.
Therefore, if you experience eye floaters, you should seek the medical attention of an ophthalmologist at once to avoid delay of diagnosis and treatment of retinal detachment and vitreous hemorrhage.

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