Children’s Vision Training

Eye problems such as amblyopia, strabismus, lack of focusing ability and abnormal eye movements in children may be improved through vision training. Such vision training needs to continue for a period of time to see results. Training must be conducted both at the training centre and at home. To achieve good results, cooperation of parents and children is necessary.

Children’s vision training is available at Champion Eye Centre. If your child is diagnosed to have amblyopia, strabismus or inadequate binocular coordination by our doctor, we can refer your child to our optometrists to undergo vision training. The training is suitable for children aged between 4 and 12. It is conducted one-on-one with vision training equipment and computer game programmes, tailored to the specific condition of your child. We will also teach parents how to guide children to practise at home. The duration of each training session is about 45 minutes.

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